51 Broad Street


This is a 1 1/2 story front-gable with a covered porch. The general appearance is that of an early 20th century bungalow. However, the house was built as a Greek revival cottage by Sally Vance ca 1842 and later updated. Old photos show very wide cornerboards.

The windows are a mix of older wood 6/1 and newer casement windows on the side.

The siding has been replaced with modern vinyl.

The chimney has a reduction appropriate to its early 20th century appearance but not original.
Behind the house is a 2-story outbuilding that is significant enough to have its own rating.
It was built in 1890 and recently received a WPS plaque as the Piano Tuner’s Workshop that operated from 1890 to the 1930s.

The windows are period-appropriate wood.

The siding is original appearing wood shingles.

There was no chimney originally.

History: built on what was lot 12 of the 1768 Lyndon plat.

May 19, 1845, Sally Vance estate sold to Henry Cole for $400 at auction, lot 12 (Deedbook 11, page 488)

March 6, 1841,  Joseph Smith sold to Sally Vance for $132 lots 12 and 13 (book 11, page 203)

1828, Joseph Vance estate sold to Joseph Smith for $150 lots 12 and 13 (book 7, page 476)

1785, Shubael Burr sold to James Vance for $90, milled Spanish, lots 12 and 13

(book 3, page 37)

1782, Josias Lyndon est. sold to Shubael Burr for $65, milled Spanish, lots 12 and 13

(book 2, page 510)

1768, Caleb Carr sold to Josias Lyndon a parcel, later known as the Lyndon Plat, containing these lots. (Book 2, page 207)


1. See 47 Broad St. listing for partial view of front ca 1929.

2. Lydia Vance estate (heir to Sally Vance) sold lot 13 (now 57 Broad St.) to John Waterman for $750 in 1852.

3. Sally Vance born 9-4-1799, died 6-25-1844.