57 Broad Street

57 Broad This is a 2 1/2 story side gabled colonial half house built by Shubael Burr ca 1783. The large extension to the East is a 20th century addition which replaced a smaller 19th century addition. This was lot 13 of the Josias Lyndon plat of 1768.

The windows are all modern replacements.

The siding is composition replacement but trim still shows so that it presents a more or less original appearance from a distance. In addition, a modern picture window was removed from the first floor front and the original fenestration was restored; bonus points for that.

The chimney is good old original.

57 Broad 1929.JPG

As it appeared in the late 1920s.


1955, sold to Harry and Alice Kellstrom. (Book 85, page 172)

1943, sold to Alonso Vail. (Book 67, page 276)

1937, Waterman descendants sold to Morris Fox. (Book 64, page 358)

1852, Lydia Vance estate sold to John Waterman Lot 13 for $750 (Book 13, page 498)

1841, Joseph Smith sold to Sally Vance lots 12 and 13 for $132 (Book 11, page 203)

1828, Joseph Vance estate sold to Joseph Smith lots 12 and 13 for $150 (Book 7, page 476)

1785, Shubael Burr sold to James Vance for $90 milled Spanish lots 12 and 13 (Book 3, page 37)

1782, Josias Lyndon estate sold to Shubael Burr lots 12 and 13 for $65 milled Spanish (Book 2, page 510)

1768, Caleb Carr sold to Josias Lyndon a parcel containing these lots. (Book 2, page 207)

Note: lot 12 was sold to Henry Cole in 1845 by Sally Vance Estate for $400.