47 Broad Street

47 Broad 92918.jpg

This is a 2 1/2 story side gable center chimney colonial style house built by Rufus Barton ca  1783.  It has an early saltbox extension to the North. It was built on lot 11 of the 1768 Lyndon plat.


As it appeared in 2014.

47 Broad 1929.JPG

As it appeared in the late 1920s.

December 10, 1768, Caleb Carr estate sold a parcel containing this lot to Josias Lyndon (book 2, pages 207, 208) with plat drawing. (included below)

September 10, 1782, Josias Lyndon estate sold lot 11 to Rufus Barton for $21 milled Spanish (book 3, page 42)

January 28, 1797, Rufus Barton sold to N.M.Burr for $775 (book 4, page 14)

October 7, 1799, Nathan Miller Burr sold to William Eastabrooks for $1300 (book 5, page 61)  see note below on Eastabrooks.

January 22, 1819, Seth Peck, administrator of the Eastabrooks estate, sold to William Carr and Joseph Smith for $365 (book 7, page 119)

July 1, 1824, William Carr and Joseph Smith sold to Abraham Greene for $400 (book 7, page 330)

October 7, 1828, Abraham Greene sold to Barnard Smith for $1000 (book 8, page 354)

January 13, 1829, Margaret and Barnard Smith sold to Turner Carr, shipwright, for $850. (book 8, page 353)


Lyndon Plat2.JPG

Note the change in street names:  King, Queen, and Carr are now Washington, School, and Water.

Note: William Eastabrooks /Easterbrook (1768-1817) owned and lived in this house from 1799 to his death in 1817.  During that period, he captained at least three transatlantic slave ship voyages from 1799 to 1806: the “Betsey” sailed from Warren in 1799, the “Racoon” from Boston in 1800 and the “Little Ann” from Bristol in 1806. These three voyages accounted for the death or enslavement of 261 people.