54 Wheaton Street

54 Wheaton.JPG

This is a 2 story 19th century Victorian cottage with a covered side porch and entry.

The windows are 6/6 wood.

The siding is wood clapboard.

The chimney is old, slightly modified.


9-6-1858, Book 14, Page 493.  Charles Richmond sells to Francis McGarty a lot for $130.

8-8-1868, Book 18, Page 29.  Francis McGarty sells to Hugh and Mary McCanna land with a dwelling for $700.

6-27-1881, Book 24, Page 307.  Hugh and Mary McCanna sell to Charles and Mary McCanna  land with a building.

Note: The deBeers Map of 1870 shows this lot as vacant at that time. The fate  of the dwelling conveyed in 1868 is not known.