41 Wheaton Street

41 Wheaton.JPG

This is a mid 20th century cape built by Joseph and Mary Smith ca 1948.


June 23, 1944, DeedBook 67, Page 353.  Sarah Crawly sold to Charles and Genevieve McCanna lot 5-54. extending 40′ North of Wheaton St to Giustiany, later Servant, land.

May 14, 1947, Book 67, Page 631. Charles and Genevieve McCanna sold to Joseph and Mary Smith the same lot with an extra strip of land to the North to extend 100′ from Wheaton St. to the land of Napoleon and Angeline Servant.

August 30th, 1979, Book 118, page 921. Mary Smith sold to Louisa and Theresa D’Agostino.