20 Lyndon Street

20 Lyndon.JPG

This is a 2 1/2 story Greek Revival built in an unusually exuberant vernacular style with flush wood siding and colossal pilasters on the front facade possibly meant to acknowledge the classical facade of St. Marks Church across the street. The minimalist suggestion of classical orders by the application of plain boards without any fluting or carving was a common design feature of vernacular Greek Revival and was put to good use here.  The house was built by John J. Bickner probably ca. 1833.

Bickner was a cooper and operated his shop on Wheaton St. from 1846 to 1859. He died on April 1, 1859. Local lore has it that there was a cooperage on this site and there is evidence of an outbuilding that may have been part of a cooperage operating between 1833 and 1846.

The windows are wood 6/6.

The siding is wood flushboard and clapboards.

The chimneys are old rebuilt.

20 Lyndon 1929.JPG

As it appeared in 1929.


April 3, 1765, Deedbook 2, page 75.  Josias and Mary Lyndon sold to Isaac Cole lots 19 and 26 of the Lyndon Plat of 1765 for 480 pounds. These two lots contain the entire current lot occupied by 20 Lyndon.

May 1, 1765, Deedbook 2, page 79.  Isaac Cole sold to James Child lot 26 for 240 pounds. Lot 26 contains the entire footprint of the house at 20 Lyndon.

May 1, 1765, Deedbook 2, page 76.  Isaac Cole sold to Thomas Eastabrooke lot 19 for 240 pounds.

June 2, 1806, Deedbook 4, page 224.  James Child et al sold to Nicholas Campbell lot 19 for $300.

February 1, 1832, Deedbook 11, Page 373.  Nicholas Campbell estate sold to John J. Bickner a lot of land starting at the NE corner of Broad and Lyndon Streets and extending 158′ North and 50′ East for $200. This lot includes the former lots 26 and 27 and the current lot 5-42 (28 LyndonSt.) and the Western half of lots 5-41 (20 Lyndon St.) and 5-120 (24 Lyndon St.).

Note: The property was originally conveyed in 1832 but was recorded in Deedbook 11 in 1843 for unknown reasons. The 1832 date is consistent with the death of Nicholas Campbell on July 21, 1829 and the construction of St. Marks Church in 1830 which seems to have inspired the design of the house. A photo of the relevant section is included below for examination.

March 21, 1859. Deedbook 12, page 455.  John J. and Mary Bickner sold to Jacob Sanders the Southern part of the lot with dwelling (lot 5-42, 28 Lyndon St.) for $1500.

November 25, 1865. Deedbook 17, page 83.  John J. Bickner estate sold to Mary Bickner the remainder of the lot (current lots 5-41 and 5-120)

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