19 Washington Street


This is a mid 19th Century 2 1/2 story end gable house with a cross gabled pavillion to the East and a large wraparound porch. It’s a good example of the transition between the Greek Revival form and orientation popular in the 1830s and 40s and the Italianate styles of the 1850s and 60s. It features distinctive roof brackets in the early Italianate style. Built by George T. Gardner ca 1850.


July 8, 1833, Book 8, Page 453. Freeborn Sisson sold to George T. Gardner and Charles Gardner  for $361 a lot extending from the land of Rosabella Gardner along King St. (now Washington) to the land of Capt. John Watson.

October 5, 1838, Book 8, Page 712.  Charles Gardner sold to Mary Miller Gardner his interest in land described in Book 8, Page 453 for $175.

August 14, 1846 Book 12, Page 167.  Mary Miller Gardner sold to Rosabella Gardner for $200 1/2 part of land described in Book 8, Page 453.

March 2, 1850, DeedBook 13, Page 352. Rosabella Gardner sold to George T. Gardner  for $300 her interest in land described in Book 8, Page 453 plus a strip of land extending from Washington St. to Jefferson St and continuing to the West to the end of her property.

Note: This transaction gave George T. Gardner sole ownership of the property for the first time plus additional frontage on Washington and Jefferson Streets. The footprint of the house falls on the edge of the additional land conveyed by Rosabella Gardner. Along with the relatively constant valuation of the property from 1833 to 1850, this strongly suggests that the house was built in the Summer/Fall of 1850 since the Walling Map of 1851 shows it as his residence at that time.