“Old Warren Houses” is intended to document and describe residences of historic interest in the general historic village area of Warren, Rhode Island. If time permits, coverage will expand to include all buildings in the village area in addition to buildings of interest outside the current historic district.

Each street covered by this site is listed in the right sidebar.  Click on a street name and you will be taken to a page that contains thumbnail photos and address links for every building included in the survey.  This is a work in progress.  As each street is completed, its name will be listed in ALL CAPS in the sidebar.  Partial work will be noted in the sidebar listing.

Click on an address and you will be taken to a dedicated page with a large photograph, a general description and specific comments on the originality and appropriateness of its windows, siding and chimney as well as historical information based on primary documentary evidence such as Books of Deeds and Vital records.

If you notice an error or omission, please post a comment.

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